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...the natural birth after c-section

Natural birth after c-section

Giving birth to a baby by c-section is common practice.

There are many valid arguments, reasons, necessaries and advantages within c-section. On the other hand c-sections are not natural. Most advantages and initial “kick-start” processes embedded in natural birth are not been initiated or even ignored. 

NnBU bridges the gap between c-section and natural birth by merging them

The idea behind is simple: When the baby is born naturally, the chest compresses as it comes through the birth canal which “kick-starts” the breathing and many other hormonally controlled processes .

You don't get this stimulus with a c-section so this could lead to the respiratory and many other problems later on in life.

NnBU adds major natural birth advantages directly after each c-section delivered newborn - lifelong benefits

NnBU at a glance

As the clinic staff is taking care on finalizing mom’s surgery it is the one and only - and never ever repeatable - moment in baby’s life to receive its initial treatment in order to stimulate and activate mandatory processes by the NnBU just minutes or even seconds after the c-section.

The NnBU core team

NnBU will become the after-care treatment by nature for each c-section delivered baby.