...the natural birth after c-section

Natural birth after c-section

Medical research indicates that babies born by Caesarean section (also called C-section) have a greater incidence of certain chronic medical conditions than those experiencing a natural birth.

It is thought this is because the stresses inherent in a natural birth activate both the baby’s immune system and ensure that the newborn’s breathing and other natural processes are fully functioning.

NnBU bridges the gap between c-section and natural birth by merging them

The idea behind is simple: When the baby is born naturally, the chest compresses as it comes through the birth canal which “kick-starts” the breathing and many other hormonally controlled processes .

A recent study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that babies delivered by C-section have a 59% higher risk of obesity under the age of 5, and a 21% increased risk of asthma under the age of 12. These results come after a review of 80 studies and trials that collectively looked at 29 million births.

The specialist medical team at NnBU are working in collaboration with the largest European research organization for applied research, the Fraunhofer Institute and the experts for medical device engineering from DMTpe.

Both companies are based in Germany and will be highly involved in launching the world’s first neonatal birth unit to improve the outcome for babies born via C-section.

NnBU adds major natural birth advantages directly after each c-section delivered newborn - lifelong benefits

NnBU at a glance

The unique NnBU device, situated in hospitals and clinics, used straight after the baby is born, seeks to reproduce part of these positive stresses in a controlled manner. This gives the baby the benefits of a natural birth, even though they were born by Caesarean-section.

It’s torso is in contact with pressure exerting elements which gently massage the baby to imitate the stresses exerted during a natural labor. This also supports the drainage of fetal lung-water to further kick-start initial hormone controlled processes and to support the transition to baby’s new environment.

The NnBU device will ensure that the majority of disadvantages related with this form of birth can be mitigated simply by bridging the gap between natural birth and the C-section.

The NnBU core team

NnBU will become the after-care treatment by nature for each c-section delivered baby.